How To Download

How To Download From Sync And Mega

IOS / Androids / Windows

Using Sync you can download individual files or entire folders, simply click on the link and enter the password as shown in the screenshot below :

once the page opens, click on the desired file you would like to download or click on (Download All) button to download the entire folder , Note that the folder will be compressed into a ZIP file before you download it

If your using IOS platforms than you will need use an app to be able to download files, we recommend using the app (Documents) you can download it from HERE or the app store , and follow the instructions below to download from Reqzone

Open the app and click on the bottom right icon to use the app’s internet browser , as shown in the screenshot below :

Visit any website and download files normally , all downloaded files can be found in (Downloads) folder in the same app

Download From Mega

Downloading from Mega is the same as Sync when it comes to IOS devices or Androids, but if your using windows or Mac we recommend using Mega’s software to download files and folders faster, you can visit their website and download the software :