Santa Clarita Diet

Comedy, Horror | 30 min

Movie Info

  • Director: -
  • Actors: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, Skyler Gisondo, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Richard T. Jones
  • Release Date: 2017-02-03
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Comedy, Horror
  • Language: English


Sheila and Joel are married real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a dark turn.

Santa Clarita Diet – Season 1

Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2

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  1. Anonymous

    not a single link is working please fix this

  2. Anonymous

    These links are also not working!!!
    (Season 1 episode 1 480p server 1&2 both.)
    Please fix this.

  3. Neo Garry

    Hello, You Had Season 3 just before constructing the website, What happened? 💔

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